Update–The Doctor Called

His first words were, “Congratulations Doctor, you have correctly diagnosed yourself!” I laughed. He makes fun of me because I do so much research before I come see him. He said, “You are extremely hypothyroid.”

We were both relieved that I wasn’t diabetic. He also said my cholesterol wasn’t ideal, but we’re not addressing that right now because he believe as soon as we get the meds going and things regulated that the cholesterol problem will correct itself, or rather, correcting the thyroid issues will set things right.

Honestly, I’m thrilled to find out I’ll be feeling better soon! I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and I’m so tired all the time. (That’s just part of it, the list of symptoms is atrocious!)

So–here’s to hypothyroidism and feeling better soon!

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3 thoughts on “Update–The Doctor Called”

  1. yay! Hope you feel better soon!
    I actually got a goiter before I realized what was wrong with me. I was a brand new mom and thought I was supposed to be that tired.


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