I used to be so creative and artistic.

I don’t know when I stopped or what happened to make it stop.

I need to thank God for a few people in my life. My first soul-mate of a sister, Kimmie. She is SO foo-foo. Something that I have claimed not to be. Kimmie didn’t buy it. I don’t really know what she saw in me, but she knew.

She made it her mission to transform me. What she didn’t know is that she wasn’t really “transforming” me, she was really just uncovering things I thought were worthless. God also knew that it would take a strong, determined woman to uncover those things that were buried and decaying. He has allowed Kimmie to chip away at my false sense of who I am little by little.

I used to wear very brown and black and neutral colors. That was it. Navy, dark green, maroon. Very solemn and gloomy. Kimmie has slowly pushed me (ok, it wasn’t a nice gentle push…but she knows I’m stubborn) to wear some color.

I am proud to say that I wore my lime green shoes on Easter Sunday and didn’t feel one bit uncomfortable! The lime green and pink purse go lovely with the pink pants and cute green top. Oh and today, I wore the brightest orange and pink outfit, complete with matching flaming orange shoes and purse. This is really who I used to be. I lost her somewhere. Thank you Kimmie. Thank you God for giving me Kimmie!