Bloody Baby on the Football Field

A super-weird dream that I had last night…

Phil and I went as the married couple that we are to a singles party hosted by a friend. We were friends with nearly all of the singles at the party, so we weren’t out of place or looking for anything weird.  We’d had a previous engagement, so by the time we showed up, the party was almost over. The host (a man, we knew him in the dream, but I don’t recognize him from waking life) showed us to the kitchen and handed us plates and told us, “Eat!! There’s plenty!”

I immediately when to the Krakus ham rolls. (YUM) and raw veggies. I added a few plain potato chips to my plate. As I took in the buffet covering all of our friend’s counter space, I noticed a weird food sculpture at the end.  It was a bird made out of cold cuts.  Layers of bologna and salami formed this bird. I tried to take a slice of salami and the bird’s head fell off.  I grabbed a platter and laid the bird on it and took it to our friend and apologized for killing it. He laughed and joked that no one else even touched it and it was meant to be ate!

We sat down to eat and our friend started telling us about the football game he DVR’d. He and a bunch of the singles had attended the game and an incident occurred.  He explained that the girl involved in this situation was a former friend of mine (and in waking life, she indeed is a former friend.) He turns on his huge flat screen and starts the football game already cued to the start of the “incident.”

My former friend was laughing and joking and having a good time walking down the stands to the seats in the bleacher. She’s wearing a newborn in a sling and you can hardly tell the baby is there because she also has on a winter coat.  A security guard taps her shoulder from behind, she turns, he says, “For security purposes, you must check your coat.”  She begins to argue and she becomes irate and the furious within moments. She throws her coat at him then RUNS down the bleacher stairs towards the field.  The game has not started, but there are random team members, press, coaches, etc… on the field and she blasts through them all. The security guard is close behind her and is ready to reach out to catch her when she turns to him, still running, taking her baby out of the sling as if to say, “You cannot tackle me because I have this baby,” but the baby is now bloody, like it was just born moments before. She’s holding it like a football and she trips, falls, but she doesn’t land on the baby. She holds it up in the air, like a football player.  Now there are a handful of security guards surrounding her. One takes the baby and wraps it in his jacket. The others hold her down, handcuff her. The front of her is bloody. She’s laughing at the camera man and looks insane.

Phil and I watch this and our friend stops it, saying to us, “Can you believe it?”

and that was the end of the dream. I have to interpret this one. It’s sooooo full of meaning, I think.

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