#Lose500 {week 2/52}

Last week, you guys decided my haul-away was 25lbs.  That makes me soooo happy!

475lbs to go in 2012!

I have to admit, 500lbs was daunting when I first decided to join this challenge, but as I rummage through the junk I’m finding it rather easy.  Throughout the week I’m placing things in piles knowing that on Wednesday morning, I’m going to take a picture of it all before it goes out the door.

This morning, as I was gathering the piles, I found myself thinking:  What else can I get rid of.  What an amazing thought.

This week’s haul-away consists of a regular sized trash bag full of paper clutter, a lamp, an empty box, a blanket/tablerunner Christmas set for donation, and two big blankets for a local Humane Society.


Because we don’t own a scale, you have to help me decide how much to log on the Lose 500lb of clutter journey!
How much does this stuff weigh?


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