We moved.

Not that we would’ve chosen to move, Phil was fired so we were kinda forced into making decisions faster than is comfortable for me. We didn’t have a choice. It’s difficult to deal with the change of losing a job and a house and a lifestyle all at once.

I’m learning to love the new place. I admit, I was hesitant. The yard is so small compared to what I’m accustomed to.


We have neighbors.

One one side is a vacant house, yes, but the guy two doors down raised a walking stick to my sweet Patches. I yelled at him.  On the other side is a guy fixing up a once abandoned house and he plays really loud music at 6:45 AM on Sunday morning. The houses here aren’t more than a car-length apart and for this girl, that’s something to get used to.

Let’s not talk about how the dogs think every single car and person around is invading their territory. The barking is outrageous!!

Not to be overshadowed by negative, there are good things. We’re on a lake. Phil is using his fishing boat for the first time in a decade! He’s more relaxed than ever. He looks out the window, sees the calm lake and tell him, “Go.” And he does. And it’s all good.

We’re remodeling the kitchen to be functional for us. Which means more counter space than we’ve EVER had!

We have a cute master bedroom suite. Basically, we’ve taken the whole upstairs for ourselves. Our room has double sliding glass doors that overlook the lake. It really is beautiful.

I’ve been spending time at Pinterest planning my back yard. It will be stunning when I’m finished, I promise you that.

Here’s what we started with in the back yard




So if you’re a Pinterest fan, I’ve created a public board called “You think I might like” if you see an amazing backyard idea, Pin it for me on that board!!

4 thoughts on “Clean”

  1. Michelle,

    I did not realize what cause you to have to move…I am sorry. God has your back…I can tell you know that. I will be praying for a a job for your hubby and peace for your family as your are transitioning.


    • From the moment we found out, we prayed. The word “protection” came to mind in prayer first. Then later, when we started telling people, a dear friend made a comment about “provision” and I’ve clung to the promise of protection and provision since. Still clinging. Thank you for your prayers, they mean more than you’ll ever know.

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