So I Judge People

I can’t help it.

Phil went into the bank today to cash a check. The teller’s computer locked up and while waiting for it to be fixed he saw at the next teller window

  • a lady bring a Walmart sack of wadded up $10 bills to be deposited. The teller had to get them out of the bag, straighten and count them, then deposit them.
  • a lady with her check register saying, “It says $2, but I think it should say $200.”  The teller had to check the lady’s math and indeed, there were zeroes missing. So the lady then asks for the $200. The teller tries to explain the ATM and the lady says that is too complicated and she’ll just keep coming inside.
  • a man with a check who said, “I have an account but I never made a deposit before, what do I do with this thing?” She tells him how to sign it and he hands it to the teller asking if she can just do it for him.
So yes.
I AM judging this new town.

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