This week’s Flaunt It Friday delves into places you’ve already embarrassed me into cleaning on Tackle It Tuesdays. I was going to write FIF for Flaunt It Friday, but realized many of my friends will think “Faith In Fiction” and Dave Long and Bethany House. Then I looked at Tackle It Tuesday and, well, TIT. Ok. Maybe they’ll have to be FF and TT?

Anyway. The flaunt this week is my workspace. I have two. My “foyer” office and my closet office. I have wireless internet but it does not work in my closet, the closet also has a door, of which I’m very fond.

Here’s some before and after shots of my foyer office and my closet office. Take note that my offices are both in either state, usually somewhere in between because God didn’t bless me with the housekeeping gene.