I do understand about people having a strength that is also a weakness. Mine is my mouth which is always yapping when it should be shut.

I wonder if it boils down to a point of view or experience. I’ve met some people (my grandmother) who are pure mean. Hateful, bitter, spiteful, nasty. She’s been two-faced for as long as I can remember.

I loved her growing up because she told me I was her favorite, played Rummy and Bunco with me, bought me Cocoa-puffs, chicken patties, and orange juice. She paid me $20 every Saturday to clean her house. She took me to the bowling alley with me and gave me quarters for the video games and bought me cheese sticks and Coke.

That was my child’s eye.

I grew up and realized she was an alcoholic who hid empty vodka bottles in

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