Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Kailani and Alexis, thanks! Nope, not photoshopped…I took it right on my sidewalk last year.

    I have a couple more shots from that day, but I’m not home, I’m at my friend’s house taking care of her kids. This one I had uploaded to my Photobucket account. I think I might have one more in there from that day, I’ll check.

  2. Wow nice pictures! I have posted my Wordless Wednesday, come check it out! I had my back tooth pulled today, I was heavily sedated, in other words IV sedation, so I am taking it easy, but it hurt like heck after that novacaine wore off! Whew! Dont worry the pictures arent of the surgery!

    Happy WW!


  3. Really nice pictures.

    I took a cue from you and have started my own Wednesday “Whine.”

    I have not used my own photos though. That would make sense.

    These were really great, especially the roof.


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