Love Story

Marriage in Real Life

When Phil came home from work the other night, the dogs greated him and he petted them and talked to them. Then he hugged our son and talked with him. So I said, “Where’s my love? How come the dogs get love before me?” “If you’d wag your behind and lick me when I came home from work, I’d pay … Read More

First Kiss

August 07, 1994. Exactly-to the day-14 years ago.  (Update: Now 24 years ago!!) The air conditioning in my pickup was broke and it was smoldering hot. I had stayed the weekend in Indianapolis with my friend, Jane, oblivious to the fact that the Brickyard was witnessing it’s largest crowd of NASCAR fans ever. Still today, there isn’t a race that … Read More

Marriage Monday–Best Valentine Ever

Something new this month for me! I saw it first at Robin’s blog, that woman gets around, I swear she does! Even so, she had one of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever seen on her blog. I had to join in because Phil does stuff like Robin’s husband. (Wait til I post pictures of my 30th birthday present!) So, go … Read More

The Search is FINALLY Over!!

The other day, I posted some songs Phil sings to me. For years, I’ve been looking for just the right song to be “our song” and I’m picky; hard to please more often than not, but I found it! It’s a new duet by Tim McGraw and his beautiful wife, Faith Hill called “I Need You.” Tim starts off singing, … Read More


Phil said he had a song for me, it reminded him of me. So we listened and both cried together. When you ask me why I love my husband, this is one of the reasons. He has no problem being soft and loving in between fun, responsible, and tough. I didn’t think I could ever love him more, but every … Read More