Love Story


i. Cool mornings in Vermont, that turn into hot, steamy, summer days that turn back into cool nights. Summer is different here from my childhood home of Gary, Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan. Summer was hot and humid all summer long with little relief. Here in Vermont, the morning are chilly enough to need a sweater when I … Read More

Twenty Years and We Still Love (and Like!) Each Other

I knew I’d grow old with this man. What I didn’t know was how we’d get to that point without killing each other. We’ve had some rough years—like almost all of them. Of the twenty years we’ve been together, I can count five that were (what I would consider) good years, but even in those “good” years, my mother died, … Read More

The Mice and The Cattle Prod

Once upon a time, a girl was so in love with a boy, she would do anything to make him happy. Including move into a run down 1970’s mobile home just because the owner would grant the boy permission to hunt on the land surrounding the trailer park (which consisted of 5 trailers on a dead end dirt road in … Read More

Marriage Monday–Camping Edition

*missing camping… Just last week, I blogged a Praying In Color entry. When I started praying, I had no clue it would end up to be a picture of a canoe camping trip, but subconsciously it must have been on my mind. I know that getting Phil to relax was weighing on me. I’d been trying not to nag him … Read More

Little Things

My alarm goes off at 3:45am so I can take my thyroid pill. My alarm goes off a second time at 5am telling me it’s ok to get up and make coffee (because I can’t eat or drink and hour before or after I take my thyroid pill and I refuse to wait an hour after I get up. So … Read More

Rain Shower

Because when the power goes out and you’re stinky, there is no other option.


Phil, Zane and I got the chance recently to drive up to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see a Superbull Series event thanks to Feld Entertainment. Before my time, Phil rode bulls in the rodeo. He was a young’en then. It’s probably a pretty good thing we didn’t know each other back then. As volatile as our relationship was in the … Read More


The challenge word issued last week that is “due” today is: PERFECT. I should’ve saved PERFECT for a fall day. But I thought of something. I’m cheating again and digging in the archives. It’s also not much of an artistic challenge. But it is perfect. Click on it, if you so desire. It will open bigger. It is a love … Read More

Voice Commands

I seriously couldn’t wait to post this story. Phil and I must have laughed for a half hour about it when it happened around 2am and then again just as hard when we woke up. And this is one of those stories that will be around a lifetime! Remember that our bed is in the living room because we’re remodeling? … Read More

Marriage Monday–Camping Edition Redux (on Tuesday even)

Want this button? Last month’s topic was Recreational Companionship and I posted about our canoe/camping trip last year. It just so happens that Marriage Monday this month came during our now annual camping/canoe trip. This month we’re delving into Why Romance Matters. Are you kidding me? Along with communication, romance has to be one of the key ingredients to our … Read More