Marriage Monday–Best Valentine Ever

Something new this month for me! I saw it first at Robin’s blog, that woman gets around, I swear she does! Even so, she had one of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever seen on her blog. I had to join in because Phil does stuff like Robin’s husband. (Wait til I post pictures of my 30th birthday present!)

So, go to Chrysalis and check out the rest of the Marriage Monday people!

Here’s my entry. When I saw Robin’s, it reminded me of this letter I put in our Faithbook.

The Cowboy has been writing me letters like that since day one. I still get them. I must be am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

6 thoughts on “Marriage Monday–Best Valentine Ever”

  1. You are indeed a lucky (and blessed) girl. He still writes you letters like that? Awesome!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Marriage Monday today. Just a friendly reminder to vote for next month’s topic, if you haven’t already. :~D

  2. Wow, Michelle…I only have a few, that’s why I treasure them so. You ARE lucky, especially if you’re a “words” girl (like me).

    How much do I love that y’all have a “faithbook”. Never heard about one of those–have you posted about it before?

    Glad you told me you did this…I’m slow getting around actually to VISITING blogs lately, but I’m so glad when I do.

    Give your cowboy a hug from an admirer!

    Robin @ PENSIEVE


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