She didn’t let me take too many pictures of her because she thought the flash was lightning.

She’s been gone 5 days now and I’m trying not to talk about it because as much as she frustrated me rolling in dead stuff, well, I don’t want to believe she might be dead somewhere.

This morning, Kimmie was taking Sarah to school. Kimmie is my best friend and Sarah is Zane’s.

Kimmie handed her a dollar for chapel and Sarah said, “Did Molly come back?”

(This is hard for me to talk about.)

We’re guessing that the reason Sarah asked (when handed the dollar for chapel) is that she must be praying for Molly in chapel. Which we have been, too. Every.single.morning before Phil leaves for work.

It has changed from, “Please bring her back.” to “If she’s not coming home, please don’t let her be suffering.”

It’s hard enough for me to accept. Sarah’s cat Sturdy, who was 15, just ran away a couple of months ago.

Now Molly.

If feels like 9 is too early for a little girl to learn that sometimes our prayers don’t get answered the way we want.

At 37, it’s hard to learn that prayers don’t always get answered the way I want.

13 thoughts on “Molly.”

  1. And so hard to explain WHY our prayers don’t get answered the way we want.
    On the up side, I’ve always found that my kids prayers DO get answered the way they want. Something about how sure they are that God can do it, I guess.
    We tend to doubt that part.
    I’ll get MY little one to pray for Molly to come back, too!

  2. Oh I’m sorry! Pets are just as much family as the humans we are bound to — and often far less obnoxious! I think that lesson is hard for any age — I figure it’ll be hard even at 65. Thankfully we won’t spend eternity in this shroud of confusion and distrust! It gets awfully cumbersome!

  3. Michelle,

    Please don’t lose all hope yet. Two years ago our cat vanished. A month later we found him, two blocks away. He’d literally followed someone home and didn’t know how to get back to our house.

    So it is possible that she’s out there and just fine.

  4. I know it’s going to sound bad, but it is what it is. The last time she was gone for more than a couple hours, and she used to go often, she was gone for 3 days and was found in a ditch, her foot caught in an illegal muskrat trap. The only reason she was alive is because it was December and the water in the ditch was cold enough to keep her from bleeding to death and someone dumped a couch in the ditch that she was hanging onto.

    She’s run off once since then and was gone about 5 or 6 hours.

    She’s 9 years old and has 3 legs. If she’s alive she has to be at someone’s house. And of course I pray for that. But I don’t think that’s what’s happened, I just hate to think of other things. Especially since it’s hunting season.

  5. I wish I could think of something to say to make you feel better. It breaks my heart that you’re going through this. I hope you get closure soon.

  6. I read this and wanted to say something wise, comforting, and inspirational. I stared at my keyboard for five minutes. I’ve got nothing.

    But I feel for you guys.



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