Mucho Excellent News!!

My follow up appointment with my endocrinologist (who specializes in chronic inflammation) was today and the results of all my bloodwork and salivary hormone tests were (for the most part) excellent news!  Excellent because everything is fixable!! Which is a HUGE relief!!


  • So far (with Levoxyl) my thyroid levels are at a good range.
  • I have a significant Vitamin D deficiency. I’ll be taking a daily dose of 5,000 IU
  • Something about MTHFR with homocysteine elevations (converts dietary folic acid to “cell ready” folate. I’ll be taking a daily dose of vessel care.
  • C-reactive protein highly elevated even after 2.5 months of eating gluten free which indicates chronic inflammation. I’ll be sticking with the gluten free diet to heal my body.
  • Low cortisol causing adrenal hypofunction (slow function.) I’ll be taking a daily dose of AdaptenAll.
  • Need to do daily Pilates and yoga.

And that’s it! I’ll have my thyroid levels checked again in May.  Doc said I should start feeling great soon and even start losing weight!!

5 thoughts on “Mucho Excellent News!!”

  1. This is so awesome. Praise God!

    I have MTHFR, that is the clotting disorder I have…I take a super duper b-complex cocktail. since MTHFR and abnormal homocysteine can keep you from absorbing adequate amounts.

    So excited for good news!


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