Our Grandbaby!!

Duane, Jess, and Aiden Lee
Born 8:53 April 27, 2009
8lbs 8oz

That’s a proud daddy if I ever saw one!
And Pawpaw Phil. (I think he cried more than me. Maybe.)
I’ll try to ignore my double chin.
But it’s bigger than the baby’s head.

Uncle Zane.
The next day. Spit shined and adorable.
And already missing a sock.

Aiden and Mimi. Now that’s a perfect fit.

He’s there in Missouri.
We’re 550 miles away.
I don’t think I can survive this way.
Look at him.

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4 thoughts on “Our Grandbaby!!”

  1. He’s so beautiful! The first picture of “Uncle Zane” is so cute. Love the look on his face. And I really love the one of him sleeping on your chest. So precious!

  2. Oh MY GOSH! How sweet is that piece of pumpkin pie!!!!
    Congrats and I’d say it’s time for you to move woman! You can NOT stay 550 miles away from THAT! Time for that momma and daddy to get a new job closer to Mimi.

  3. Oh Michelle, He is so precious. I didn’t even notice your chin! LOL. It was GREAT meeting you last night at the Mom’s night out. Thank you for the Lilac starters. I can’t wait to plant them this weekend wearing my special gloves….AND Guess What?????? I just drew the name of the winner of the First ever Mimi’s Toes Give Away…..And….YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! Please email me your address and I will get them in the mail to you. CONGRATS!!!!!!my email address is: [email protected]


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