Tackle It Tuesday–Surprise Under the Floor

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It was supposed to be an easy job. Rip up the carpet, lay the new oak laminate floor. Done in four or five hours.

Uh huh.


“Honey, does it look like the floor’s bowing there by the window? Where’s your level?”

“Yep, it’s bowed alright. I bet I can just take up that top sheet and replace it.”

Uh huh.


This is Phil showing Sam, our friend building the dormers, what we found under the floor.

This. This is what we found. Termite damage that the previous owner just left. Freaking left! Well, maybe he “tried” to fix it but it’s quite obvious he is a moron of the highest order! Keep scrolling down.
Yeah. This is NOT how you sister up the boards. I keep staring at Phil’s cute bum, but look at the THREE different pieces of wood there that were somehow supposed to support the floor joist.

See those new boards, the one my wonderful husband installed? They go from good wood to good wood. THAT’S the right way. (Or in this case, from good wood to wall!)

Patches is supervising.

There’s Phil under the floor. And Patches making sure he does it right.

So this moron guy who used to own the house also used shims to level the floor and used scrap wood as cross members. Lord help us.

Oh and wait!! I forgot, they used tar paper under the multiple layers of linoleum.

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4 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday–Surprise Under the Floor”

  1. Yeah, we totally had similar previous owners. We aren’t as handy as you and Phil (wanna move closer?). So we’ve decided from now on we have to hire people because we can’t fix what the former owner did and replace/repair things as well. It’s just out of our league. (Plus, 100 year old house calls for doing things right, not half assed.)

  2. Wow, Michelle. Like I said on Twitter…the guy must’ve been high or something when he was working on the house. What a mess!

  3. OMG how horrible! What a job! I can’t wait to see the finished product! I love my wood floors in my living and dining rooms. They are called Columbia Lam. and they look like real wood. They are so easy to keep clean.


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