Removing the Toxins

So here it is. After researching my MTHFR gene mutation (which 40% of the population has) and finding out my body has a very difficult time ridding itself of toxins, I’m on a journey to help it as much as I possibly can. 18 months ago my body was in adrenal failure (which is fatal if left unchecked, and I think I was getting close to having irreparable damage,) I was severely vitamin D3 deficient, diagnosed with chronic inflammation, gluten allergies, hypothyroidism (which was the only thing I knew about going in.)

First endocrinologist/dr of integrated medicine visit
Second visit
Results of labs, 17 viles of blood taken
Hard work pays off

I’m not drinking wine at all except a glass or two on Saturday night to help my kidneys, I’m roasting organic green coffee beans here in my kitchen,  I’m militantly gluten free (and I don’t eat any store bought gluten-free products,) I’m eating as organic as I possibly can and absolutely no processed foods or additives or preservatives as well as buying local, grassfed beef (I’ve been doing that for years,) I’m making my own toothpaste, and not using harmful soaps and shampoos (ok, not using any soap or shampoo right now.) My next step is going back to making my own laundry detergent. I’m going to research that before I make any mistakes like I did with the homemade soap.

I went shampoo free a few months ago. I was using a baking soda and water wash and rinsing with apple cider vinegar. That went well for the first couple months, but then I noticed my scalp and hair drying out. So, I made a new concoction of coconut milk, jojoba oil, castile soap, and essential oil.  First, I used too much and my hair was really greasy. Then I cut back, and it was less greasy but felt coated.

I tried to make some homemade soap not knowing that the glycerin base I had from years ago had all kinds of bad stuff in it. The stuff I’m trying to stay away from! But before I found out, I washed my hair and body with it. (ACK.) Back to square one. So, since then, I’ve been using the Far infrared sauna daily for about 45 minutes and immediately taking a luke warm shower with no soap or shampoo afterwards. So I’ve done that Monday, Tuesday, and I’ll do it later today. So far, my hair is not greasy, I don’t stink, and I feel pretty good.

This personal Far infrared sauna was only $195 on Amazon (and free shipping with my Prime membership.) For Phil and I both to join a gym with one, it would cost us over $1200 a year. So I thought I’d start here.

After using it daily since it arrived (2 days LOL) I like it. A lot. Is it removing toxins? I think so. I had some traumatic flashbacks after using it the first day (as I tried to fall asleep later that night, and had some bad dreams as well.) After researching a bit, I found that emotional healing also occurs with the Far infrared sauna use. I can’t say I completely understand how that works, but I’ll call it a win for now. The body is such a complex entity. I don’t think we can fully grasp the amazing things it does.


Update on the homemade toothpaste and oil pulling? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but there has been some remarkable progress. First, though, my gums have been bleeding almost every time I brush. That’s starting to go away. Next, I had some staining (likely from coffee, tea, wine) on my bottom teeth. Normally that would come off from a cleaning visit at the dentist (but I have some other updates on dental care.) So the good news is that this staining is literally falling away with the homemade toothpaste and oil pulling. My teeth feel super clean and soft and they’re not near a sensitive to cold. Also, my breath seems fresher. I’m still not used to the salty taste of the baking soda, but it’s getting better.

I’ve been oil pulling once every 3 or so days. It’s kind of hard to do it every day. And I’ve only made it about 10 minutes instead of 20.

The homemade toothpaste recipe I decided on, after looking at several: 3 TB baking soda, 3 TB coconut oil, 30 drops orange essential oil. (I’m out of peppermint, but as soon as I get more, I’m adding about 30 drops of peppermint.)

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  1. That’s the second time today I’ve heard the term oil pulling. The first time was my sister who has started to do it. I’d never heard of it. She loves it.


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