Sushi and guns

My dream last night:

We were looking for this guy (don’t know who the “we” consisted of or who the guy was.) There were three or four of us driving around in our cars looking for him.  I saw his car at a fast food restaurant and squealed my tires turning in. I jumped out and went in. I had to go through this buffet line of sorts to get to the dining room.  One of his guys was talking really loud about not knowing how to eat sushi and I looked at his tray of food.  He had two lightly breaded shrimp on a bed of tortilla chips. I giggled to myself and thought sushi? not so much. The guy I was looking for was at the table behind his. His guys saw me and all jumped up and started grabbing for their guns. He got up and hugged me. His guy eating “sushi” didn’t notice what was going on and said something again about not knowing how to eat it.  I said, “It’s on a chip. Pick. it. up.”  Then I looked at the guy I was looking for and said, “He does know McDonald’s sushi isn’t sushi, right?”

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