Tackle It Tuesday #118

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I don’t know if I’ve ever tackled my sideboard and homeschool shelf? I might have been too embarrassed but with the Christmas Tree in July tackle, there’s no shame left.

So here’s my sideboard before.
No. That’s not an Easter basket. Don’t be ridiculous!
Yeah. I’m lying. It is. But hey, it got put away faster than the Christmas tree!
My sideboard after:

Huh. The picture and sconces aren’t exactly centered with the sideboard. I looked and the picture is centered on the wall. The sideboard is moved over a bit because of the homeschool shelf. Maybe I need to do some adjusting? Or not. Do I really care that much?

Here’s the sideboard and homeschool shelf. I forgot to take a before photo of the shelf.
Phil loves that clock. I don’t like it so much. It goes with his liberty bell lamp.
I’ll show you some day.
And here’s the box of no-longer-used homeschool goodies for the garage sale next month.
Yes. I rock. I even priced everything as I put it in the box.
Can you compete with that?

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11 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday #118”

  1. Hey! Will you come over and clean MY homeschool room? LOL I don’t even know where to start. That really looks great!

    From your OCD friend, center the picture and sconces – it will make you feel “better.” haha

  2. Your sideboard is beautiful. I love that wood. It looks so pretty uncovered. LOL Isn’t it funny how certain spots in our house are a magnet for dropping stuff in our hurried lives. Have a great Tuesday Michelle.

  3. No. No, I could not compete with that.
    I’m scared to have a Tackle it Tuesday. But each week you inspire me more and more to at least think about it.
    My husband will LOVE you if I actually do it one day. I will give you all the credit.

  4. you and are alike and yet still so different. those pictures and sconces would make me crazy. I would have to move something to make it look right.

  5. You are right, there is no shame left after that tree! 🙂 You haven’t put it back up have you, since you miss it so much? Less than four months until Christmas day….hang in there. Your tackle today looks great!


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