Tackle It Tuesday #120

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week’s tackle is not complete. We’re remodeling the master bedroom. Here’s where we are.

The Before Picture:
No. I did.not. paint the room like that.

(now) During:
Ripped up the ugly carpet
Would you look at that floor. Ack!
And I thought the walls were ugly?

I must now go tackle unloading the cars from our camping trip.
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6 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday #120”

  1. Oh yeah! Our house is going on 112 years old and we have found some pretty strange, scarry and I soupose neat things along the way. You just never know…

    Can’t wait to see what the finishing pictures look like! Great work!

  2. You guys are moving right along on this! You know, if you ever need some help for or a day or something, let me know. We could have a sanding party LOL with coffee or sangria or…um…something.


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