Tackle It Tuesday–Surprise Under the Floor

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It was supposed to be an easy job. Rip up the carpet, lay the new oak laminate floor. Done in four or five hours.

Uh huh.


“Honey, does it look like the floor’s bowing there by the window? Where’s your level?”

“Yep, it’s bowed alright. I bet I can just take up that top sheet and replace it.”

Uh huh.


This is Phil showing Sam, our friend building the dormers, what we found under the floor.

This. This is what we found. Termite damage that the previous owner just left. Freaking left! Well, maybe he “tried” to fix it but it’s quite obvious he is a moron of the highest order! Keep scrolling down.
Yeah. This is NOT how you sister up the boards. I keep staring at Phil’s cute bum, but look at the THREE different pieces of wood there that were somehow supposed to support the floor joist.

See those new boards, the one my wonderful husband installed? They go from good wood to good wood. THAT’S the right way. (Or in this case, from good wood to wall!)

Patches is supervising.

There’s Phil under the floor. And Patches making sure he does it right.

So this moron guy who used to own the house also used shims to level the floor and used scrap wood as cross members. Lord help us.

Oh and wait!! I forgot, they used tar paper under the multiple layers of linoleum.

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Tackle It Tuesday–more remodeling

,Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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Are you sick of the construction photos yet? You should be. I am.

I’m trying to be happy about all this change, but it’s tiring and I’m so done with the packing thing. Then there’s the banging upstairs and the cold and the dirt. Plus, I can’t go braless when people are here. That’s probably why I’m cranky.

So we’re at the point where it really doesn’t look like much has happened. But it has. There’s shingles on the outside. There’s a window in place. The wiring’s done. The yucky red carpet is gone. That’s the upstairs.

The bathroom downstairs is gutted and rewired and framed up and ready for the old tub and sink to be yanked out. We have to get the new shower, sink, and toilet upstairs working before we can do that though.

Hole in the roof.
Framed up

Yeah! A window!
View from new bathroom window
Boarded up and no more carpet!
Phil ran all the electricity!
So close yet so far from finished

And…the downstairs bathroom.

Of course, none of that is my work. I’ve been stuck in packing hell.

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Tackle It Tuesday. More Dormer Construction.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

You can see all of my Tackles here.

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Alrighty! Here’s a photo of Zane’s (former!) room last week as I emptied it in anticipation of our friend Sam coming to use his mad construction skillz.

In case you missed last week or you’re too lazy to click here** to see last week’s post–I’ll update you. We’re moving, Sam is builiding two dormers in the upstairs, one will have a bathroom in it.

**Ha! I had to edit the post to put the link in because I was too lazy. Or I have a bad memory.

Here’s what Sam did the same day I took the photo above:

Oh look. There’s Chuck in all the mess!

Here’s how it looks this morning.

The progress is mind-boggling, really. Why didn’t we do this a LONG time ago? Why now when we’re moving out??

Zane’s pretty upset there will now be a bathroom upstairs. He says we should have done this a long time ago, too.

P.S. The red is a tarp to keep the rain out. I think Sam is enclosing everything today.

While Sam has been doing the stuff that requires skillz, I, on the other hand, fail at even the most simplest of chores. Well this first one, not so much. I picked out the new linoleum for the two bathrooms. You like? I do.

And maybe this isn’t so much as fail. It’s a vision. I am a visionary!! Yes. That’s the ticket. We went to Bailey’s our local insurance salvage store (oh it’s wonderful!)

Phil’s building a shelving unit for the master bath we’re remodeling after the one in Zane’s (former!) room is finished.

I found these cabinet doors for $3 each (and they’re gooooooood solid doors. Better than my kitchen cabinets!)

Anyway, no. The colors don’t match. I thought the floor had more red in it. I was going to leave them different colors before I realized that’s just not going to work. So I’ll paint them boring white. I hope I can figure out how to do that black in the grooves after I paint them boring white.

That’s it for me. I didn’t even pack a single box this week. Or maybe I did. I don’t remember. But I will pack some this week. I don’t have a choice!

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What Do You Think?

Ok, here’s what my kitchen looks like now.

We bought and installed these pretty brushed steel ceiling fans and I found this picture:

The cabinets are the exact same color. I can take off the hardware and spray paint them with brushed steel.

What do you think of the wall and countertop colors and do you think this might look okay in my kitchen?

Obviously I won’t have the fancy island stove hood or that smokey glass unit—-so look at the colors and the potential.

What do you think?

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