Tackle It Tuesday–Art and Boxes

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Do you hate moving as much as I do? Is there anyone who likes moving? She should be banished to a life without chocolate. I decided instead of showing you the boxes I’ve packed over the past week I’d just tell you about them and post a fun picture!

So. This past week I:

  • Packed 9 boxes
  • Went through all of Zane’s clothes
  • Packed away Zane’s winter clothes
  • Gathered a bag of clothes he’s outgrown
  • Went through all of Phil’s clothes (with his help)
  • Packed away everything he’s not wearing
  • Went through the rest of my clothes and separated them by size
  • Packed away everything I’m not wearing
  • Packed Zane for Florida
  • Packed Phil for Florida
  • Packed me for Florida
  • Arranged freezer and cabinet with foods my mom can eat while she’s here watching the dogs while we’re in Florida (she’s diabetic.)
  • Phil did all of the laundry in the house over the weekend, I’ve folded it and will put it away today.

Y’know. When I list it out, it looks like I’ve been busy. Why do I feel I’ve done nothing?

  • Made a rough draft of our budget from now through the end of the year.
  • Packed 11 packs of diapers and 12 jumbo packs of wipes I bought a Walgreen’s for next to nothing for our grandbaby (due April 23rd!)
  • Started to plan a trip to Walgreen’s to use the $50 in Register Rewards from the diaper deal.
  • Went shopping for shorts for Phil for Florida.

You people make me feel accomplished! Thank you!!

Now to the fun stuff. Every week for (how many weeks now?) my good friend Toni and I have got together one day to make note cards. Well, we switched to Visual Prayer this past week. I hope she posts photos of her beautiful art!

This one is called Wine Skins.
(Sorry if it’s blurry)

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  1. You are the second mover I’ve visited today! What an inspiration you are! I feel like such a slacker. Keep up the good work!


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