Tackle It Tuesday–Pruning

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week I:

  • Got caught up on laundry
  • Made some homemade laundry detergent
  • Made corned beef and cabbage for Phil and ruebens for me
  • Unfortunately, my Christmas tree is still up

I have no pictures today. I thought I would, I intended to, and then a storm swept in and I was left to do some major pruning. I’m talking about a metaphorical storm, spiritual pruning, things like that. I think that’s probably a lot harder than the actual act of real pruning.

Dead branches do nothing for a tree, especially a fruit tree or a grape vine and those are commonly referred to in the Bible.

Dead branches in life can look like many things. Relationships, attitudes, thoughts, habits, words, actions, I mean, the list is really almost endless.

Pruning isn’t easy, you certainly don’t want to rip off something that is attached, that would be painful, yet Jesus is the Ultimate Gardner, the Green Thumb of Green Thumbs. When He says, “Prune that one,” and points–well, then I have little choice but to prune. I guess I can say no. He does give me that option. But I’ve said no before and I remember with clarity the fallout I dealt with.

So. Here’s to snipping.

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2 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday–Pruning”

  1. Good for you, recognizing when that pruning needs to be done and taking up the challenge. I think we’re all in need of a little spiritual pruning every so often. Knowing when — and where — to prune, that’s the tricky part. ;o)

    Enjoyed your post — and I’m still LOL about your Christmas tree. Hang some Easter eggs on it!


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