Tackle It Tuesday–They Got Stuck

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Well, I was all set to do my own tackle today, but, as you’ll see–I’m just too worn out from watching the Wright Tree Service guys get Unstuck.

They’ve been here for about a week trimming trees along the power line in our yard. They came today to load up their equipment.

I was pretty upset with them yesterday for making me cry by mutilating my favorite tree. I guess God allowed me a small bit of vindication this morning. He definitely has a sense of humor. I know, I know. It’s probably bad theology to believe God got back at these suckers. But it makes me laugh.

(in other words, here’s your payback you sorry suckers,
you should have never hacked up my pretty tree.)

So it starts off with the guys trying to get the trailer lined up so they can put the big tree trimmer on it. But they can’t back up a trailer, so it gets stuck in our driveway and Phil has to call off work. Dude–bonus!
Here’s Phil eating his egg, ham, and cheese on toast while enjoying the spectacle.
Oops. Lookie there. The big tree trimmer is stuck in the mud. Darn it.
Wright Tree Company. They’re brilliant!
Notice the worker guys: “How we gonna get that out now?”
Dead Asian Beetles (or as Zane calls them, Biddle bugs) while I laugh and cackle
at the worker guys who don’t have a brain combined.
“Let’s try backing it up further into the mud.”
My morning coffee. Did I mention how much I enjoyed this morning?
“Oh crapola! I think we’re gonna flip it.”
Now they’ve wenched the big machine free, let’s see how they get the trailer unstuck
Chuck wants to watch the folly
“Oh.Oh.Oh. I have an idea. Let’s plow some snow with the big machine. That might help.
I skipped about 50 pictures. They’re finally leaving. I’m still laughing.
The plowed snow and trenches they made with their equipment.
I think I’ll email my blog to the boss.
Maybe not. I don’t want them in trouble. It tickled me to no end to see them so stuck.
Maybe next time they’ll stay away from our house.

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  1. That made me laugh so hard! I relate to the dead ladybugs…I have them EVERYWHERE! And the tree cutters just tore up our yard too.


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