Funny stories

The Mice and The Cattle Prod

Once upon a time, a girl was so in love with a boy, she would do anything to make him happy. Including move into a run down 1970’s mobile home just because the owner would grant the boy permission to hunt on the land surrounding the trailer park (which consisted of 5 trailers on a dead end dirt road in … Read More

Rain Shower

Because when the power goes out and you’re stinky, there is no other option.

Voice Commands

I seriously couldn’t wait to post this story. Phil and I must have laughed for a half hour about it when it happened around 2am and then again just as hard when we woke up. And this is one of those stories that will be around a lifetime! Remember that our bed is in the living room because we’re remodeling? … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday–They Got Stuck

Well, I was all set to do my own tackle today, but, as you’ll see–I’m just too worn out from watching the Wright Tree Service guys get Unstuck. They’ve been here for about a week trimming trees along the power line in our yard. They came today to load up their equipment. I was pretty upset with them yesterday for … Read More