Update. 9:51pm. I am not finished! Hopefully I’ll finish soon!

Update. 11:53am 10/31. Laundry is FINISHED! And folded. I’ll be putting it away soon and then working on the laundry room. Jen’s right, I did get the grocery shopping finished.

Note to self: Don’t schedule grocery shopping and laundry on Tackle It Tuesday again.

After that, I have to straighten up the areas from the previous weeks and I’ll be finished!

Here’s the folded laundry. Not that you really care. But it keeps me going. LOL
UPDATE. 1:17pm 10/31. Finished!! (and now that I’ve posted pictures, I see hangers on the dining room chair I forgot to put away and laundry soap running down the dryer that needs to be wiped.) Ugh. LOL

So. Where are all my friends and why aren’t they doing Tackle It Tuesday with me? I can’t believe how good this feels to accomplish something (and be held accountable if by nothing but embarrassment over my slobbish tendencies.)

Alright. So maybe I’m just making a whole lot of people feel better about their housekeeping abilities. I suppose that’s okay, too.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week. Laundry.

Which means my dining room table will become my folding table. And this is where the problem usually begins to unfold. Get it? Unfold. Sorry.

Anyway. Right now, the dining room table is empty. If I do all the laundry, I’ll need to fold it and get it in piles to put it away. If I do this right and keep myself accountable here, maybe I can get the table clear by the end of the day.

I also have to go grocery shopping.

And I have to make sure my projects from the weeks past are still in tact.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

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