The Mice and The Cattle Prod

Once upon a time, a girl was so in love with a boy, she would do anything to make him happy. Including move into a run down 1970’s mobile home just because the owner would grant the boy permission to hunt on the land surrounding the trailer park (which consisted of 5 trailers on a dead end dirt road in … Read More


The challenge word issued last week that is “due” today is: PERFECT. I should’ve saved PERFECT for a fall day. But I thought of something. I’m cheating again and digging in the archives. It’s also not much of an artistic challenge. But it is perfect. Click on it, if you so desire. It will open bigger. It is a love … Read More

First Kiss

August 07, 1994. Exactly-to the day-14 years ago.  (Update: Now 24 years ago!!) The air conditioning in my pickup was broke and it was smoldering hot. I had stayed the weekend in Indianapolis with my friend, Jane, oblivious to the fact that the Brickyard was witnessing it’s largest crowd of NASCAR fans ever. Still today, there isn’t a race that … Read More