The challenge word issued last week that is “due” today is: PERFECT.

I should’ve saved PERFECT for a fall day. But I thought of something. I’m cheating again and digging in the archives. It’s also not much of an artistic challenge. But it is perfect.

Click on it, if you so desire. It will open bigger.

It is a love letter from a few years ago from Phil, my perfect soulmate.

We met in a .

We haven’t always had the perfect relationship, but we’ve always had the perfect love.

* * *

Next week’s word is: FRAZZLED

You have from now until next Monday to take your photo, post it and you’ll be able to link it next Monday. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

* * *

Also, since the word hope was so challenging for me, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on a month’s worth of words so that I you can have some more time to get just the right shot.

Week #10–Frazzled
Week #11–Adorable
Week #12–Lost
Week #13–Accomplished

pop?in?jay–noun–a person given to vain, pretentious displays and empty chatter.

In other words, blogging. 😉

Isn’t that what this personal blogging is all about? Me. Me. Me. For this photo challenge, that’s perfect. We’re going to dig inside of ourselves and do some “concept photography.”

I’m going to give you a word and you’re going to take a photo of something that describes the concept of the word.

  • You CANNOT take pictures of your kids or your pets for this challenge. Or anyone else’s kids or pets. I know they’re precious, but they make your creative bone lazy. Let’s get outside of the box. Let’s be challenged.

Please leave the link to your post (not the link to your website or blog.) For example:

Right: https://michellependergrass.com/week1_photo

Wrong: https://michellependergrass.com

So–Let’s see your photos for PERFECT
Link up and don’t forget to visit the other participants!

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5 thoughts on “Popinjay–PERFECT”

  1. Awww — how sweet!!
    Your sweetie's handwriting reminds me of MY sweetie's handwriting. =)

    I'm not doing a popinjay this week – I'm reposting old goodies all week while I work on the back end, finishing my redo. Hopefully there will be a big reveal by the end of the week. =)

  2. Love this! What could be more perfect than your sweetheart?

    You caught me on a good day… I just happened to have a "perfect" picture, so I posted it.

    Unfortunately, I'm a moron and posted the link under "angry" first. Can you delete it from there? Thanks!

  3. That's so sweet. Hope I find that someday!

    Working on a picture now. I have to use something from last week though.


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