Stephen King

Duma Key by Stephen King

I’m reading it now. I’m only 34 pages in and have already seen fit to journal some quotations about being an artist. Like this one: “Remember that the truth is in the details. No matter how you see the world or what style it imposes on your work as an artist, the truth is in the details. Of course, the … Read More

Things I Meant to Blog About But Ran Out of Time, Energy, or Just Plain Forgot

Jen reads Randy Ingermanson’s blog and he talks highly of this (free) Simple.ology course. Jen’s been following the course and I haven’t. I had decided to give it a shot, started it, and never got past day one. So I started again today. Which leads me to the next bullet point. I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the … Read More

Stephen King. Books, Movies, and a comparison.

Stephen King has long held my admiration, for as long as I can recall reading, I know he’s always been my favorite. I have not read everything he’s penned, not by a long shot and I’m doing some catching up. A couple months ago, I listened to the audiobook Cell, I thought it was decent. In June, I listened to … Read More