Teresa the Barista Girl

I had the best experience at Gloria Jean’s today!!

Let me back up. Phil and I have been trying to go on a couple of date nights a month. They have to be Monday night (that’s his day off). So on May 23rd we went to Ruby Tuesday’s at the mall for dinner and then ended up just walking around the mall. We stopped at Gloria Jean’s and we both got an Iced White Russian coffee (SCRUPMTIOUS!!!) I tasted it in front of the Barista girl (Teresa) and just raved about how good it was.

Today, we promised to take Zane to Build-a-Bear workshop to get an outfit for JJ the monkey that my brother bought him for Christmas. JJ’s been naked until now. JJ would have remained naked if there weren’t so many commercials. 😉

Here’s JJ:
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And the outfit JJ *almost* got:
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But Zane decided on this as his favorite, so this is what JJ wore home:
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We stop at Gloria Jean’s again and I said, “What kind of iced coffee do you have today?” And Teresa says, “Oh, I’m sorry. I know you liked the white Russian so well, we don’t have that today.” I was FLOORED! We were there once, 2 weeks ago and she remembered us!

Now it could be because Phil is a cowboy and wears the Wranglers, boots and hat (and he’s mighty fine looking in it) and I think he’s probably the ONLY man who wears a cowboy hat in Northwest Indiana and I’m almost positive that’s why she remembered us. All that aside, it was very, very nice to be remembered that way. She has the best voice, too. It’s not that typical “I’m a waitress with my voice up two octaves too high squealy voice” It was a very professional, very well-spoken, CEO business-woman kind of voice. And she treats everyone with the utmost respect.

Here’s us a long time ago, Phil still pretty much looks the same except he doesn’t have the long hair anymore.
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I really like Teresa! 🙂 She made my night. Maybe I’ll write a little letter of appreciation!

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