You locked Chuck in the van?!

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Chuck is the Beagle-looking thing, he’s part boxer. Molly is the black one.

Anytime someone comes to the door, Chuck tries his best to sneak out. And when he gets out…forget about catching him. “Run Forrest Run” is what we chant when Chuck gets out. He makes a dash for the neighbor’s house (which is actually quite far since we sit on 15 acres). He socializes a bit with their mutt and then he comes home. This happens about once a week no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

Today was no different. Zane had his friend over to play. When her dad dropped her off, they accidentally let Chuck out. No biggie. He’ll be back.

The kids were out playing in the sandbox when I heard Zane scream, “CHUCK’S BACK!!!”

This time was a little different. Chuck looked like he’d taken a mud bath. I had to leave him outside for a bit because I was in the middle of something.

Zane came in the house so proud of himself, bless his little heart. He told me confidently, “I got Chuck, mommy. I locked him in the van. He can’t go nowhere now!”

My new van is 31 days old.

Now, there’s a mud covered mutt in it.

I grabbed the keys and ran to the van and not only was Chuck covered in mud, but he was RANK!! I don’t know what he got into, but it was not a bed of sweet-smelling roses. I yelled at Zane and I feel so bad. He thought he was doing the right thing and he truly thought he was helping me. He’s only 5. He was so proud that he caught Chuck when nobody else could.

And all I could rant about was the new van and the mud and the stink. I asked him why he would put a muddy, stinky dog in the new van…wasn’t he thinking?! Well he WAS thinking. Thinking of the praise he’d get for catching Chuck.

I had to stop writing. I had to go apologize to Zane for being so upset with him over something as petty as lump of steel (or whatever they’re made of now). There is no reason for me to put a vehicle over the precious feelings of my son. What will that teach him? That when he does something he thinks is good, mom’s just going to be mad? I can’t do that.

There are so many teachable moments that have bee passed up because my focus has been in the WRONG place. Lord, grant me the wisdom and discernment to know how to raise this child you’ve given me as You would. Help me change my focus.

2 thoughts on “You locked Chuck in the van?!”

  1. Michelle, we all do things like that. The good thing that you did, was notice that it was a mistake, and you will never do it again. Because you took the time to write it here, means you took the time to talk to Zane.

    It is ok. Zane knows that people, even moms and dads, make mistakes, and when we do, we apologize for them.

    That is a great lesson.

  2. Loved the visuals in your writing. A 31-day-old van with a mud-caked dog. Sounds like the basis for a sitcom.

    Keep writing. I’ll be back.


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