What a Fabulous Birthday!!!

My child wanted to buy a present for me and asked for a wish list, so I gave them one choice, because it really was all I wanted. So we went to Target and they picked it out. They also “secretly” picked out my card, it was beautiful. “We both love you, Mom” they signed it and Dad and drew a picture of me with a “35” on my shirt and a birthday cake.

The only sucky part was that I had to renew my driver’s license. We went to Starbucks then to the park where I sipped my drink and read my present (and underlined and made notes and…and…)

We spent a few hours there, then came home and my family made me a birthday cake.

9 thoughts on “What a Fabulous Birthday!!!”

  1. Ah, sweet! The picture of you and Zane is really cute. Sounds like a great birthday. Except for the driver’s license part. But at least you got to go to Starbucks. I live almost two hours from Starbucks so uh, yeah, that sounds like a really good day to me. 🙂

  2. He’s too cute. Happy Birthday Michelle. I’m 35 too, by the way (or are you 36 now?) I’ll catch up. I took that book out of the library, read a couple chapters, sort of lost interest and returned it. Tell me if it’s good and I should check it out and give it another chance. I just linked to you from my blog.

  3. Happy Belated, girlie 🙂 I just gotten enough sleep, since Selah’s birthday party weekend. You Aries women are something else.


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