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Marriage Monday–Camping Edition

*missing camping… Just last week, I blogged a Praying In Color entry. When I started praying, I had no clue it would end up to be a picture of a canoe camping trip, but subconsciously it must have been on my mind. I know that getting Phil to relax was weighing on me. I’d been trying not to nag him … Read More

Grandma Schalk’s Poem for Phil

Written when Phil was 8 months old, on Phil’s mom’s seventeenth birthday (she was the baby of 7.) I’m told my little dare-devil of a husband used to climb to the top of the stairs and jump all the way down. That’s what this poem’s about. Grandma’s Angel Darling you need lovingLike the grass needs the dewYou’re our precious BabyWe … Read More

Special Darling

I didn’t know Grandma Schalk wrote poetry. Poetry isn’t usually my cup of tea, but the poem I want to share today (and I’ll be sharing one tomorrow about Phil) have nearly done me in. I’ve cried more tears over these two poems than I care to admit. Grandma Schalk would have celebrated her 93rd year on this earth December … Read More

Marriage Monday–Camping Edition Redux (on Tuesday even)

Want this button? Last month’s topic was Recreational Companionship and I posted about our canoe/camping trip last year. It just so happens that Marriage Monday this month came during our now annual camping/canoe trip. This month we’re delving into Why Romance Matters. Are you kidding me? Along with communication, romance has to be one of the key ingredients to our … Read More


We’re back. I kinda wish we weren’t though. I love camping so much.

Patches Pilfers the Homebaked Goods

Beautiful Homebaked Goodness So good the puppy cannot resist.Her people have forgotten what’s it’s like to have a puppy. So her people move the bread.She gets mad and retaliates by stealing the potholder.And pouts.

Here Comes the Rain Again

My bloggy kindred soul, Robin, posted about playing in the rain and today–well pictures speak louder than words. Notice I’m still in my jammies?Somehow that it made it that much better! Here’s the poem by Natasha Bedingford thatRobin had at her blog and I think it’s perfect. Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for … Read More


Protecting her boy’s shoe. Protecting her new toys.