White Screen of Death

My Mac crashed. I borrowed this photo because I couldn’t bring myself to take one of my own computer.

I’m having a hard time keeping up without it.

I had not backed up since around October (stupid girl)

I lost a LOT of photos and that’s what I’m most upset over.

I’m buying a terragig external hard drive and backing up daily from now on.

I’m getting a new hard drive, but it might be a week or so before I get it back.

If I’m not around, at least you know what’s up. I’m devastated.

1 thought on “White Screen of Death”

  1. oh no! horrible 🙁 I have a few TB drives, I have to with my business. They are worth having for sure. I have on TB drive by Verbatim tho that isnt working, not sure why, I want to take it to someone to see if I can save whats on it. The rest of my drives at Western Digital. I hate their software that comes with it installed.. but you can bypass it and it makes for a great external drive.

    Also using FLICKR has been a life saver for me!! I have the pro acct and order my pics directly from them. you can search by DAYS, months, etc.. or if you give your photos tags like “my sons name” or something – you can search by specifics… then print off what you want thru snapfish?? I think they use snapfish or shutterfly, I forget.

    It has been great tho for organizing my fav. pics.. and the coolest part is if my comp. crashes they are safe online.

    My husband also uses Cryptonite?? or something like that. His business pays for it. His entire PC gets backed up weekly on that site, its pricey but he never has to worry abt loosing a thing… and no need for external drives either.

    Just a few options for you 🙂

    I have a mac btw and the day it dies ill cry.


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