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This is the view out of my office window last fall. I hope that all the bulbs we planted will come soon. It’s been so cold here!

We moved to Knox 2 years ago. We found a great house on 15 acres. Just enough to keep Phil from feeling claustraphobic in “the city” I really like it here. Especially now, in the spring. The lilacs have come and gone already and I can see lots of flowers starting to come up. The tulips are in full bloom. The air is magnificent. The birds are singing and when they go to sleeep the frogs around the pond start. Life is peaceful.

Today has been a day of reflection. So much has happened in the past few months that I couldn’t begin to get it on here overnight. God has been so faithful to us. I’m breathing easy today knowing that His hand has encircled me and is guiding my every way. I wish everyone knew that peace.