Word Count

Wrapped up with a total of around 1,300 today so that puts the grand total at 28, 130.

Something happened, though. I’m not sure what to make of it. I was sure I knew where this story was going, I had the end in sight and then in a hotel in St. Louis, things changed. Everything changed and the story isn’t what it was.

I feel like I’m starting at square one again.

I realize I have to keep writing, I know the story will come out. But I’m pretty dumbfounded right now.

What else can I even say?

4 thoughts on “Word Count”

  1. haha. I love what Jenny said.
    I started the sequel to my manuscript…that’s right, not even published yet, but my characters couldn’t sit still…and then I decided I should change a huge part of the plot in the first one. You just never know where you’ll find yourself at the end of a story! Miss your comments….hope you’re having a great Christmas Season!

  2. Funny how that happens. Remember what you pal, Stephen King says: the story already exists; you’re just digging it up/discovering it, right? What a process. But the main thing is YOU ARE WRITING. Good for you. You got 1,300 more words than me down today!!


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