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I have never, ever, ever broken the Wordless Wednesday Rule.

And it probably won’t happen again.

It’s appropriate today only because I’m channeling Robin who, uhm, is never Wordless on Wordless Wednesdays. If she has been, I’ve missed it.

So really, it’s not me breaking the rules, it’s her. She’s coming through my fingers and y’know with that one hacked off up there it’s kinda easy to see–she found the portal.

Robin’s having procedures and since I started praying in color I knew Robin needed one.

Now usually, my prayers are doodles. This is the second one that’s come out as a picture. Why? I have no clue. I started what I thought would be a doodle, but then the palm tree came out and Psalm 46:10 came to mind. I opened the book of Psalms and a few other verses stood out and that was that. (and oh man am I glad that I didn’t draw, like, a toilet or y’know, something gross and inappropriate.)

I emailed the picture to Robin and let her know I wanted to blog about it, but if she didn’t want me to, I’d understand. She said okay, we joked about #2 and Mt. Dew (ooooh–poetic license material?) and said our goodnights.

I’ll be praying some more for her all day Wednesday.

With or without words.

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