Tackle It Tuesday #116 Kitchen Drawer

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

How on earth could a soul find anything in this drawer?
Especially those of the male persuasion
who can’t even find their own shoes?
Much better.
Except the boys still can’t find anything
because I put it all away.

And what did I do with the bucket full of kiddie cup lids?
Why I hid them in the pantry so you can’t see them.
They’ll eventually show up on another Tackle.

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10 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday #116 Kitchen Drawer”

  1. Oh, I wish my drawer looked like that..I was just throwing more stuff in it this morning..Then I have to pull it all apart to find something..
    Your so nice and organized..you did a great job..

  2. What an incongruous layout you have! LOL
    I like it — mostly. 😉

    I really should get on board this tackle it Tuesday thing. Really, I should. I’ll have to think about it someday.

  3. I should do this Tackle It Tuesday thing. Peer pressure might make me get something done. But I don’t just have drawers that look like that did, I have entire CABINETS. Oh, and entire CLOSETS.
    Oh, and the rest of my house.
    Did I mention I totally suck at housework?

  4. Isn’t it refreshing to clean out a drawer or cabinet? It’s so surprising that the next time you open it, gladware, spider man cups and sports bottles don’t fall at your feet. It’s like “wow, why didn’t I do this before?!?”

    Nice job! Start setting stuff aside for YARD SALE!!!

  5. Looks good to me! The Bean would have my utensil drawer all jumbled again in no time. Currently, my kitchen utensils are her favorite toys!

  6. Tackle It Tuesday is a fantastic idea. I might copy you one of these weeks, after I learn the cure for procrastination.
    Also, it freaks me out when Serendipity comments because for a brief second I feel like I’ve already been here.


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