Knox closed schools today because for the first time ever, they were forced to shut down the city’s water treatment plant located on the Yellow River.

I ran out and took some pictures. The River is supposed to crest tomorrow around noon, so I may go back.

I heard on the radio this is the first time in history the river has reached these levels. The cause is around 6″ of snow melting and 2″ of rainfall simultaneously.

The Yellow River in Knox, Indiana 2004 (photo credit) note, the photographer calls this “swollen”
Here’s my picture from this afternoon.

I might have played with Photoshop a little bit. It’s new. I’m allowed. I was against it at first, now I’m quite taken with the prospects.

Here’s my pond last year:
And today:
I guess if you click on each picture individually and blow it up, you can see the difference. The pond is actually almost level with the rest of the land, which I’ve never seen.