Bad Blogger Day 3

Run Forrest Run!
Chuck loves going on walks.
Molly’s tuckered out. You’d be tired too if you were missing a leg.

Had to throw a pretty one in there.

Our un-named Beta fish jumped to his death.
He jumped out of his water. I found him on the carpet almost completely dried up.
These pictures are right after I threw him back in the water.

He was still breathing for a few hours, buy his buoyancy was gone.
I know he looks dead here, but really, he was still alive.
Why would I take pictures of a dead fish.

Okay. Don’t answer that.
Then Phil went gangsta with the hat and tried to choke the dogs.

I told him to leave the dogs alone and he went psycho on me.

Molly protected me.
Or hid in the tub.

We took another walk in the woods and found a dead tree creature.
I know it was dead because I poked it.
Unless it was playing possum.
But I’m pretty sure the tree creature is dead.

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