Marriage Monday–Camping Edition

*missing camping…

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Just last week, I blogged a Praying In Color entry.

When I started praying, I had no clue it would end up to be a picture of a canoe camping trip, but subconsciously it must have been on my mind. I know that getting Phil to relax was weighing on me. I’d been trying not to nag him so I’d say, “I’m worried you’re not getting enough rest.”

“Got things to do.”

“They can wait, they’re not as important as your health and you need to rest.”

“When I’m done.”

“You’ll keep adding to your list.”

“What do you want me to do? Things got to get done around here.”

“I want you to at least take Sunday off.”

“How about Sunday afternoon?”

So I compromised for a few weeks. Phil works from seven in the morning until nine or ten at night five days a week. Then on the weekend, he’s out mowing the lawn, fixing the cars, and tending to all of the other mishaps that inevitably happen. We’re Murphy’s red-headed step children. Seriously. Ask people who have seen the chaos in action.

For the last few weeks, I haven’t had to beg Phil to relax, he’s taken to enjoying an entire Sunday off. Except cooking. But cooking is one of those activities that bond and solidify our relationship. I’m his perfect sous chef.

We took a two day float trip last summer on the Tippecanoe River. We camped at Tippecanoe State park. I don’t necessarily enjoy the work-out a canoe trip on a windy weekend gives me, but it melted my heart to see Phil truly relax, fish, and enjoy himself.

He doesn’t do well relaxing at home. I think all of the things to do dangle in front of him and taunt him. I know, they do that to me too, but mothers have the ability to tone out frequencies that are annoying. Sure dads tune out things, but typically if they’ve tuned one thing out they’ve tuned everything out. Moms can tune out the irritating stuff. Tell me I’m wrong!

So we go camping.

I love, love, love campfires. Cooking breakfast over a fire brings out the maternal in me. Who knows why. I don’t care why. I know I’m up at the crack of dawn wrapped up in a flannel shirt, throwing another log on the fire. I get the water boiling for the coffee and sip it while I add bacon to the cast iron skillet. Phil gets up, drinks my (by then) cold coffee and I make another steaming cup for myself. We take turns flipping the bacon and Zane yells from the tent, “I smell bacon!” and we sit by the fire waiting.

So I prayed for some extra money and for Phil’s boss to let him have a weekday off and I planned another float trip for our family. Next year, my goal is for more than one camping trip.

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*originally posted August 4, 2008

10 thoughts on “Marriage Monday–Camping Edition”

  1. Wow. You make camping sound almost fun!
    I think of cold, hard ground. Endless nights. Ticks and rain.
    I’ve only gone camping maybe 3 times, but those are my memories.
    I do like campfires, though. Except they seem to like me, too. “Smoke follows beauty” someone would say. 🙂

  2. Gosh that sounds so good – as soon as you said “crack of dawn – flannel shirt – log on the fire – coffee – bacon”, I got that feel good buzz 🙂 This topic is much more difficult than I first realized. We used to do “outdoorsy” things years ago – but have stopped for a while now. HMMM…

  3. Oh, I love camping! And it’s generally the same scenario–I have to “nag” Chris to go, to take a weekend off from working, but once we’re there, he’s always glad.
    Right now, though, it’s way too hot in TX for camping. We’ll have to wait until September or, more likely, October.

  4. You tell a good story! I can smell the coffee and the bacon cooking over your campfire. Sometimes men do have a hard time relaxing at home (women too!). You’re smart to to get out and away from the phone, computer, and all the undone projects around the house. (BTW, nice toenails!)

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Michelle. Hugs!

  5. I think we must be married to twins!
    My husband works long hours and then comes home to work around the house, car or yard on weekends.
    So hard to get him to just relax for awhile and do nothing…he always has a list- a list of things he has made for himself.
    It is so nice to see him relax on rare occasions!

    I can see why camping is the perfect solution!
    Love the pictures- and what a great fish he caught!

    In fact, my Marriage Mon. post ironically also has a photo of my husband in a canoe- it was taken in our first years of marriage.

    (Apparently my link wasn’t working at e-mom’s but she just fixed it!)

    I’m not sure if I ever visited here before, but if not- nice to meet you! I’m a home schooling mom, as well!

  6. Our families knew each other before we dated so we actually started dating during a camping excursion. It remains a favorite activity. We are going soon, and although I’m nervous about how will we get two seconds alone to just chat, he always finds a way. Great post!


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