Six Weird Thing About Me

Shut up! I know there are far more than six weird things about me. If you happen to be my family, really, zip it, okay? Heather tagged me and she’s a little anxious to see my answers and I’m a little slow.

1. Synthensia Mind you, this is normal for me. Synthesia is described this way,

“You know the word ‘anaesthesia’ which means no sensation; well ‘synesthesia’ means joined sensation. And what is joined is two, three, or all five senses together. So that my voice, for example, to a synesthete is not just something that they hear, but also something that they see, or smell, or touch.”

Some people see colors when they hear certain musical notes, some have attached colors with letters, while others see taste shapes.

I’ve found my particular form of synthesia is rare. Synthesia is rare to begin with. It is estimated that only 1 in 25,000 have some form of the condition. So in the realm of weirdos I’m higher up the weird ladder. LOL When I touch cotton, my molars hurt. I also can’t mess with modeling clay long, makes my back teeth feel like they have exposed nerves. I absolutely, positively cannot have the smell of metal on my hands, the smell evokes a horrible taste and makes my wisdom teeth and inner ears explode in pain.

2. I love raw potatoes.

3. No socks on my feet in bed and sheets untucked and off my feet. Otherwise I’m horribly claustrophobic.

4. I avoid touching doorknobs with my bare hands.

5. I hate shoes. I’d rather be barefooted.

6. I like catsup on my scrambled eggs.

4 thoughts on “Six Weird Thing About Me”

  1. OH MY GOSH! You like raw potatoes too? I’ve never met anyone else who didn’t think that was totally weird.

    Okay, so now I only have to think of 4 more weird things about me.

  2. Wearing cotton is fine. I’m talking cotton balls crunched together. ick.

    Doorknobs–public phobia. My home is ok. I was them.

    Jen–My brother is the only other person I’ve known to like raw potatoes, but that doesn’t count because we’re family. But the twin thing is starting to get completely amazing!!!


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