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This week. I hung things up. Alright. Phil hung things up. But I stood nearby handing him screws, drills, levels, and pencils. So I helped. And I told him where to put things.
I don’t have before pictures this week. Mostly because pictures of blank walls would be, well, stupid.

Stuff on the downstairs powder room walls.

A hook with no lantern.
A mirror and a sign in the hall. Phil promptly informed me that now he has to stare at his crotch every time he walks down the hall.
I bought a frame that’s too small for the photo I intended for it because I have no brain.

Bought the right sized frame for this one, but couldn’t figure out a wall to put it on.
Coffee for the kitchen.
Sunflowers. Because I live in the Sunflower house.
More downstairs powder room stuff. That wrapped canvas? Compliments of ZaZa Gallery. (Blog coming soon about the awesomeness of it!) I need 3 more for the powder room and more for other rooms.

Inspiration for the hallway. Other than Phil’s crotch in the mirror.

Reminder for the dining room. Because I forget and argue.
Reminder in the living room. Because God is unbelievable and He makes me work really hard. And I still have a hard time believing Him.

I did not take down my cute little jack-o-lanterns.
And I made Pineapple Pork.

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  1. I need to tackle hanging stuff too. We remodeled a big chunk of our house this summer and I still have all my artwork stored in my closet even though we've been done with the remodel for a few months now….


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