Tackle It Tuesday–More Remodeling

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

More Remodeling! These were taken a couple weeks ago, but if I spread them out, it looks like we’re really working hard. See. I have a plan. Truth is, we were sick for awhile then had some commitments and we really haven’t got a whole lot finished. I’ve been packing and y’know what? It looks like I’ve done nothing. But I’ve been throwing stuff away so maybe the trash guy knows something’s up because I’m getting depressed and angst-y about this move. But hey, tomorrow is another day (right Heather? Elaina? Have I redeemed myself?)

Here’s Phil with the old pantry. Gutted.

And here’s my handy-dandy husband’s craftsmanship.
See how fast I filled that sucker up?
Now we need to find a door. It’s an odd size.
And yes. I’ll paint the trim. Hush.
Ignore that bottom shelf. Why is it you only notice how unorganized something looks AFTER you’ve taken a picture of it and uploaded it and the camera’s battery is depleted? Why?

Here’s where we left the dining room last time.

Here’s what I got finished. See around the window?
I painted more white.
And the walls!! Mercy look at the walls!!
Don’t they look better??
We’re replacing that top trim with some thicker white stuff.
Here’s the other side of the room.
Dang the walls look sweet!
I haven’t painted the trim that goes on top of the half-wall down there.
Have I mentioned how much I hate painting trim?Doesn’t matter.

It has to be done and Lord knows I can’t build pantries or move door frames or install toilets. So I’m stuck painting trim and scraping off little square stickers that hung Christmas lights 5 years ago that were supposed to peel right off and didn’t and now because I’ve painted everything around them white they stick out like sore thumbs. And I hate them worse than I hate painting trim! But in the end, everything looks so much nicer, doesn’t it?

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  1. So nice to have a handy hubby! Painting can be tedious work, but at least it gives you time to think.

    Just noticed… the word verification word to publish this comment is ‘pulsing’… why does that gross me out??



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