Tackle It Tuesday-Muddy Floors

7 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday-Muddy Floors”

  1. OK..I just have to say that I love your green floor! I love how ht mud just pops against the color! lol!! No, really, I do like it a lot…is it linoleum, tiles???

  2. Oh, I wish I just had mopping to do! Your house makes mine look like a disaster area. lol Love your tile!

    Guess I’d better stop procrastinating and get going on my own project, huh? ;o)

  3. Whoooo! Nothing like clean shiny floors at 10:39 in the morning! You’re good!

    I heard its supposed to drop 40 degrees tonight between 7-10pm. Brrrr! All the snow is supposed to stay to the north though.

    Stay Warm!


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