Tackle It Tuesday–Whitewashing

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

We did some more remodeling stuff this week. Here’s a before picture. It’s at a different angle, but you’ll get the idea. This picture was right before Zane’s birthday party (thus the shiny thingies hanging from the banister.)

Here’s Phil sanding the pine walls, you can see over to the right, I’ve got some whitewashing finished.

And a totally not complete photo, but an In-Progress photo. I got ahead of myself and painted some of the trim white just so I could imagine how it would look when it’s all finished. All of the trim will be white. The walls will be “Barely Beige.”

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday–Whitewashing”

  1. Is that real wood? I have that old veneer paneling and would really like to paint it but am afraid to. Looks great (yours of course).


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