Tackle It Tuesday–Whitewashing

We did some more remodeling stuff this week. Here’s a before picture. It’s at a different angle, but you’ll get the idea. This picture was right before Zane’s birthday party (thus the shiny thingies hanging from the banister.)Here’s Phil sanding the pine walls, you can see over to the right, I’ve got some whitewashing finished. And a totally not complete … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday #120

This week’s tackle is not complete. We’re remodeling the master bedroom. Here’s where we are. The Before Picture:No. I did.not. paint the room like that. (now) During:Ripped up the ugly carpet Would you look at that floor. Ack!And I thought the walls were ugly? I must now go tackle unloading the cars from our camping trip.

Tackle It Tuesday

I’m back in the game baby! Finding out I have a severe thyroid problem answered a lot of my health questions and after 4 months of adjusting dosage of the medication, I think I can officially say I’m on the road to feeling better. Things are not quite right yet and I think I have a few months of blood … Read More

When Cowboy Boots Stick in Walls

Remodeling Lessons. Cut fingernails really short so you don’t bend one all the way back while moving furniture. Learn that dust bunnies are energetic and ambitious in their mating practices. In the future, nip that in the bud. Pat yourself on the back when the comforter on your bed matches your living room furniture (perfectly.) Laugh nervously when people ask … Read More

Stay Tuned for The Big Remodel

We must get our house ready to sell. We’re (kinda) starting with adding a half bath off the living room where my closet office now resides. I did all kinds of work last year to get it made into an office and now I have to take it all out! I think we’re really starting in the master bedroom. I’ll … Read More