Bad Blogger Day 2 and Tackle It Tuesday–Oranizing Spree

Well, I messed up yesterday. I posted a Saturday picture when I wasn’t finished with Sunday. I’m not going to take you through every moment of my life, just the ones I took pictures of that I haven’t been blogging about. Pretend you care, okay. Humor me.

I guess it was a good mistake though because today is Tackle It Tuesday and while I don’t have before shots, I have the after pictures of my mad organizing spree on Sunday. After I went to CVS and spent $1.50ish on $153.00 worth of stuff.

Before I get to the Tackle It Tuesday pictures, I just got word that I’m TOP MOMMA. What’s that? You don’t know what that means?! Have you been hidden under a rock?

I'm a Top Mommma!

Click for me again and again and again. And when you’re top, I’ll click for you. Well, they said I was top Momma but I don’t see me. Do you?

(EDIT TO ADD: I found me. I’m the blank one. Figures, huh? Always have to be different. Guess it fits my dark fiction, eh?)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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